Lifted's owner and senior instructor, Jordan Sugarman has been a full-time Pilates instructor for over 10 years. She is dedicated to the classical Pilates Method and has worked with clients ranging in age from 5 to 85, with all levels of fitness abilities.


Jordan teaches from a place of authenticity, with the goal of enriching and lifting her client’s lives through Pilates. She brings expertise from the Pilates and fitness industry, passion for educating the community, and a zest for life to her teaching. Her careful eye, allied with an intricate understanding of perfect form, makes her workouts as enjoyable as they are challenging.

A former dancer and athlete, Jordan was introduced to Pilates in 2008. It caught her attention with its unique combination of education of the body and dynamic, graceful movements. She is certified through the PhysicalMind Institute in New York, completing over 200 hours of education, observation and an apprenticeship.

After teaching for several years, Jordan wanted to further her education and journeyed to New York to study Yamuna® Body Rolling under the world-renowned and visionary, Yamuna Zake. She is dedicated to continuing her education, and remains as passionate for Pilates and fitness as ever.

Jordan is a member of an entrepreneurial community, The Teachers Collective. The Collective believes in collaboration over competition and its mission is to be inspired by and elevate on another's purpose and skill.

Jordan served on the Board of Directors for The Center for Balanced Living and, by doing so, aspires to create strength through balanced living. The Center is an organization providing comprehensive outpatient treatment, research and prevention services for persons with eating disorders in Central Ohio.